Microsoft LinkedIn get together begins now

Microsoft has inked in the biggest tech acquisition of its time and invited Linked in to get aboard in its mission and vision to enhance its product user base. Sighting  to be a another significant conglomeration in its bandwagon of software treasure trove, Microsoft decision to acquire LinkedIn will reap the benefits of this high profile acquisition. And hefty investments in the form of monstrous data of million users connected in LinkedIn will materialize Microsoft future expansion of Cloud computing and HR management work process.


Microsoft LinkedIn

Who’s who of both these Giants Techie?

Microsoft:- This is a software bigwig usually well known for its Window series of Operating System in PC.

LinkedIn is professional networking company which is well known for searching professional link ups and associated with jobs.

  • The buying details says that Microsoft pumped in  $26.2 billion in this Acquisition fair deal.
  • The database of Linked in Users count to be some 433 million members globally.
  • There will be no change in the current CEO position of Linked In Jeff Weiner will remain the same in LinkedIn.
  • There will be no change in the business model of Linked In

As compared to some master players in Computer cloud computing like Sales force and Amazon who own the sheer monopoly in cloud paradigm,Microsoft wants the same happen with its software products to get into the clouds. Microsoft LinkedIn acquisition seems to be a clever decision by Microsoft as earlier merge with Nokia has bitter experience but this fusion will profit the business of Microsoft in entirety.

what are the benefits of Microsoft LinkedIn acquisition?

  • This merge will boast the user base of cloud based Office 365 and MS dynamics CRM Technologies of Microsoft
  • It will help Microsoft capitalize on new clients via huge professional database of LinkedIn
  • Microsoft will be benefited with abundant database of 433 million users connected with LinkedIn

Let’s wait and watch upcoming new tech surprise from Microsoft after the new buzz word of Windows 10 updates. Microsoft Flag ship products Windows and ASP.NET will remain the same, get to know about ASP.NET web applications Click here


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