Microsoft Dynamics 365 is equal to Office 365 plus Cortana plus IOT

Microsoft Dynamics 365 announcements from Microsoft business house strengthens the determination of this Giant software corporation much hype foray into cloud CRM 365.  Everything on the cloud that will help sales person,sales rep or sales manager leverage on this intelligent sales automated software. Yes, you name it and have it on the Microsoft cloud with built in on purchase business apps for a combination of CRM and ERP that will simplify the entire sales procedure.

crm 365

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Whats all new in Microsoft Dynamics 365?

It will have integration with Office 365 CRM


The user will be able to sync all their task without leaving Outlook while performing any sales activity

It will have Cortana Intelligence


Cortana command driven functionality will ease the lead generation process as a whole.

It will have IOT as an add on


The IOT  is equipped with its own unique advantages that will connect all the things on the internet so the sales person will speed up the sales activities by recommending the products as per the choice of the customers.

The trilogy amalgamation of embedded technologies in Microsoft Dynamics 365 will really streamline and expedite the sales and marketing strategies of the companies.Though we have to wait for the fall of 2016 to get face to face with this innovation by Microsoft that is expanding its cloud computing Microsoft CRM strategies on the forefront. Dynamic 365 limited

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