Website is the virtual space provided by the hosting company to place your web page online with back end data base connectivity.There are two types of websites

  • Static website
  • Dynamic website

The classification is based on the type of webpages and connectivity.

website design

website development

Static website is the plain website in which there is no database only static webpages are available on the site.

Dynamic website is the website which has database connectivity of either MS SQL, MYSQL ,Oracle etc.

What are the programming technologies available for website development?

The technologies available are as follows:

  • PHP
  • JAVA

What are the features to search in website development agency?

Whenever you need to promote your business product online you should look for the following services in the outsourced company.

The website development agency should provide content, WordPress, SEO. SMO, SME services so that your website should rank high in the major search engines like Google, MSN and more.

The website should be more compelling and appealing with the use of the latest technology like HTML 5.

Don’t forget to have an mobile app developed by the web development agency so that you can target maximum audience on the smartphone platform.

These are the basic requirements that should match the quote of the web development agency. To learn more about this Click here.

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