Wannacry Ransomware:Cyber-Attack 2017

The day 12th May 2017 will be remembered in the calendar as the black day in the history of global cyber security worldwide. The weekend Friday was hard on the computers as cyber virus WannaCry ransomware malware attack. This virus was the unique in the sense it redefined the way the virus locks you of your system and a specific demand of $300 crypto currency Bitcoin is asked to release your system from the effect of the virus. Wow what a real brainchild behind this worm economic activity? This virus initially affected to some 99 countries globally and worried enterprise at large.


Hackers have been around for the decade but they never came face to face in this avatar ever. They named it ransomware holding your computer system hostage until you pay to the demands of certain amount.

This virus encrypst the computer data ultimately destroying crucial files until the demands of the hackers are met. Earlier we use to get infected by computer virus when we use to visit malicious websites or open documents from untrusted sources.


This WannaCry ransomware nightmare establishes well the fact that according to the well-known Gartner report Worldwide Security Software Market Grew and stands at 3.7 Percent in 2015.The focus of the WannaCry ransomware seems to be the Bill Gates assets in the form of windows powered pc that is more vulnerable to this ransomware.

WannaCry ransomware opened a new era of hacking methodologies as it reminded the sleeping nations that hacking term is more powerful than software terminology.The computer world with entities software hardware was reigning in the past but now we have the addition of another big name in the form of hacking that will become next big profile in the coming years in the corporate world. Stay tuned to this blog for more inputs and updates on this cyber attack.

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