Google Ads Vs Organic Which Is Better

The Google search has been divided into two main streams paid search and organic search. This situation can lightly be equated into a kind of reservation convenience you get when you reserve your seat in advance while travelling or dining. The reservation term is so good that it just takes you out of the crowd and the rush at the cost of hiked money so that you don’t have to stand in queue waiting for your turn to avail the services.


The Pagerank in Google search matters a lot especially when you are into some sort of online business and desperately looking forward to generating lead out of your SEO activities. Your SEO efforts are left futile with Google paid search that lets the website rank higher on the basis of purchased keywords. So you don’t have to invest into SEO Efforts as buying keywords and running sponsored results aka PPC (Paid Per Click) campaign you get the feel of reservation facility at the search engine premises of Google. But you cannot derive the long term benefits of paid search in the form of Google Ads.

28 May

Clicks on paid search listings beat out organic clicks by nearly a 2:1 margin for keywords with high commercial intent in the US. In other words, 64.6% of people click on Google Ads when they are looking to buy an item online!

Citation source

But shockingly! What I find in most of the sponsored results when I click the websites ranking on top 1, 2 and 3 positions in Google search for a specific query.


The website is below standard in content, information and dynamics data. They lack the aesthetic web portal design might be lacking all the Google specific criteria of, “on page SEO” but they rank high, just because of sponsored results. But the truth is “organic results.” always appear on Google search engine ranking purely based on the quality and content of the page.


SEO is not troublesome when you are putting your hard labor to let your website rank higher on Google search. I came upon this wonderful article on Medium that you can go on reading and somehow master managing the organic ranking of your site. Ranking high by organic ways you can reap the benefits for a long time.


Results on the first page of Google (The Top 10) receive 92% off all search traffic on Google. Traffic drops by 95% on the second page.

Citation source

SEO is Not Hard — A step-by-step SEO Tutorial for beginners that will get you ranked every single time.

The hard fact is organic search takes time to get indexed and it takes minimum span of three to six months for organic SEO results

The beginning foundation stone of a well-structured website is first and foremost designing and developing a website, either by getting the help of a genuine website design services if you are novice in website design or you can take the services of

SEO is a child’s play to satiate all new Artificial Intelligence backed, “Rank Brain” search algorithm of Google, you can explore new horizons of online web presence through organic search engine optimization. How do you opine on this digital divide of paid and organic search you can forward your thoughts in the comment.

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