Petya : Descendant Ransomware To WannaCry

Petya ransomware hit global computers as of now and is rapidly spreading across the world. This ransomware originated from ukraine. This is a complete new breed addition of ransomware attack after WannaCry affecting mostly computers connected on same network.


The recent affected global countries are Ukraine, US, Spain, Russia, Denmark, Netherland India. This specific ransomware is more dreaded in the way as it not only encrypts the data but overwrites and encrypts the information in harddisks.

With this all network services are down as the ransomware prevents the victims from rebooting their computer  systems. The release ransom amount for petya attack amounts to $300 in Bitcoin. This Microsoft windows are most vulnerable to this Petya ransomware. Petya affected various corporate companies and government organisations with the gruesome impact on the banks and metro stations.

Concluding this new loophole in the cybersecurity in digital era of 21st Century we have this wonderful; thought in the form of a tweet.


Radio Garden: Explore Live Radio By Rotating The Globe

The  past year 1895 marked a big revolution in the communications scenario when millennium invention named radio came into existence. The whole credit of radio communication and progress goes to the honorable Italian inventor,Guglielmo Marconi: who proved the feasibility of radio communication.

F&M Radio Radio-Garden

The success of radio communication and propagation feasibility was materialized when he sent and received his first radio signal in Italy in 1895.

Traditional Radio

Traditional Radio

Later on this great invention was commercialised and gifted to the world as an entertainment medium when in year 1899 he flashed the first wireless signal across the English Channel and two years later received the letter “S”, telegraphed from England to Newfoundland.

Technically it’s all about electronic and communication networking with electronic device that did the work of receiving the radio signals sent from the transmitting radio stations.

In electronics terminology Radio is the communication technology of using radio waves to carry information, such as sound, by systematically modulating properties of electromagnetic energy waves transmitted through space, such as their amplitude, frequency, phase, or pulse width.

Radio Garden

Radio Garden User Interface

About Radio Garden

The digital transformation and complete digitization of radio communication appeared in the 21st century tech savvy world in the all new complete Radio Garden.

Radio Garden is a project Dutch of radio and search digital as here you can explore live radio by rotating the globe such a radio extravaganza with intuitive and interactive GUI (Graphical User Interface) where you can use a map to find and listen to radio all over the world but this all happens over online cyberspace.

Yes, Garden Radio is accessible online like you have to be connected to a internet to avail the facility of Radio Garden.Wow this is great sitting at one part of the globe you can enjoy the radio from the distant city, country, and continent across globe.

Just like online shopping which gave the online audience the vast opportunity to shop from across the globe we have radio garden that facilitate radio streaming across the globe.

So, radio lovers get tuned to radio garden to explore vast sea of radio signals to get entertained the maximum at leisure!

22nd June 2017 Innovative Doodle For Google Music Idiosyncrasy: Best Google Doodles

This time doodle for google has a fleet of surprise for music lovers with its innovative tech surprise wrapped in doodle. For the past few days the Google doodle lovers and enthusiast were missing this exceptional surprise. The sad part of the google doodle existence on the cyberspace that remains for single day so you music lovers have 24 hrs to enjoy this music extravaganza!  This doodle deals a lot with the animated musical special effects where you can make your music composition with the aid of doodle GUI.

Lets know more about Oskar Wilhelm Fischinger based today’s google doodle 

Born in 22 June 1900, Gelnhausen, Germany Oskar Wilhelm Fischinger was a German-American abstract animator, filmmaker, and painter, notable for creating abstract musical animation many decades before the appearance of computer graphics and music videos. Being a notable creative painter he  painted around 800 canvases, many of which are in museums, galleries and collections worldwide. credited to his enormous creative potentials.

These are some of the incomplete list of this famous person hollwood contributions

  • Silhouetten (1920)
  • Stäbe (1920)
  • Wachs Experimente (1921)
  • Studies 1–4 (1921–1925)
  • Spiralen (1925)
  • München-Berlin Wanderung (1927)
  • Seelische Konstruktionen (1927)
  • Study Nr. 2 (1929)
  • Study Nr. 3 (1930)
  • Study Nr. 4 (1930)
  • Study Nr. 5 (1930)
  • Study Nr. 6 (1930)
  • Study Nr. 7 (1930-31)
  • Study Nr. 8 (1931)
  • Study Nr. 9 (1931)
  • Study Nr. 12 (1932)
  • Study Nr. 13-fragment (1933-34)
  • Kreise (Alle kreise erfasst Tolirag) (1933-34)
  • Muratti greift ein (1934)
  • Komposition in Blau (1935)
  • Muratti Privat (1935)
  • Allegretto (1936)
  • An Optical Poem (1937)
  • Organic Fragment (1941)
  • Am American March (1941)
  • Motion Painting Nr. 1 (1947)
  • Muntz TV Commercial (c. 1952) Source

This must watch movies list has a lot in store in terms of creativity involvement . Keep enjoying google doodle today .


Lets connect with yoga to the fullest with 21st June International yoga day 2017

21st June is the most significant day of the year that marks the International yoga day 2017. Global citizen are celebrating yoga day to the fullest with India which is the origin of this traditional ancient hindu practice. This wonderful health regimen treasure from ancient India dates back to some 5000 years practiced by yogis.

Yoga is the ultimate medium to connect mind, body and soul. The global citizen of 21st century with tech savvy nature has advanced so much on the scientific evolution that Nasa has send  robotic space mission involving two Mars rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, but this worldwide tremendous progress came with the by product of stress, depression and anxiety. Yoga is the natural stress buster as you can embark on an spiritual exploration with meditation in yoga.


Sometimes yoga is synonymous to elixir that revitalize and rejuvenate the body with the addition of multiple yoga forms of asanas and postures. The fundamental initiation of wide yoga practices start of with Sun Salutation or Surya namaskar that involves breathing in  and out with various breathing techniques through various poses like mountain, tree, triangle cat,and cobra.

Yoga day is the brainchild of Mr. Narendra Modi India Reigning honourable Prime Minister  leading a gathering of over 50,000 yoga enthusiasts at the Ramabai Ambedkar Maidan on the third edition of world yoga day 2017. There are multiple yoga studios around the world that instill the necessity of adopting Yoga health benefits next to medical urgency to keep fit and fine as yoga is the complete wellness program that boost health longevity.

There are two broad classification of yoga mild yoga that weighs on the soft workout yoga exercises and vigorous yoga like hot yoga. Both benefits the human body in numerous ways as yoga stretching and movement relax and detoxify boosting heart health.

The icing on the cake yoga forms asanas is the best child pose asana which relax the body thoroughly with meditative after effects. The 10 to 20 minutes routine yoga practice can do wonders to the body starting the day more amazing with initiation of sun salutation  and concluding with savasana. Petrygon salutes the spirited global participation of world population marking the  glorious third consecutive world yoga day 2017 with heart and soul.


Udemy Innovative Online Learning On The Block

Why Udemy is the new fad in online course and every second tech savvy student is having a knack to avail Udemy online courses for digital knowledge base?

But first let us get insight into Udemy which is an online learning and teaching marketplace with over 45000 courses and 15 million students. Surprisingly it’s a real competitive web based tech innovation after most sought after Khan Academy founded in the year 2010.


The punch line Udemy teaching platform gave to its online study program goes like this: From programming to photography, take in-depth online courses and meet any challenge with skill. Further the three more line displayed on the user interface of Udemy  tells more like this:-

  • You can explore library of over 45,000 courses taught by expert instructors
  • Enroll in udemy courses at any time, with lifetime access
  • Learn at your own pace, from any device

The course module offers comprehensive tutorial resource just at $10 and more. So you can easily and effectively avail udemy courses for $10 . But the sales pitch of freebies carries moren weightage than the paid product, so we have customers always drifting towards free online course rather than buying the paid online course.

Alexa rank 465 (February 2017)


icon-1691317Youtube is the biggest online platform offering out-of-the-box collection of video tutorials. The thin line difference  between Youtube video tutorial and Udemy online course is the SEO factor. SEO optimized video tutorials comes on the YouTube search engine on the basis of the keyword popularity while udemy is complete pure treasure trove portal of online course  without SEO.

Talking about Udemy we have almost sound coverage of all the niche subjects with innovative test prep and language module. Udemy cover the core courses like business, tech, and productivity courses. This portal is not catering to the knowledge searching students but also proves to be a wonderful medium for all those who are willing to give quality education to the students as Instructors.

Beside offering whole bunch of courses Udemy education facilitates to offer topics like mindfulness, yoga, and stress management taught by experts such as Deepak Chopra and Tara Brach.

More interestingly 20 percent of Udemy users access their courses via mobile. All the desktop web app is now transforming into mobile app, so we have the same with Udemy online access as Udemy offered an Apple iOS app, from April 2013, onwards allowing students to take classes directly from iPhones.

The Smartphone users with Android version was also profited by access on the android mobile OS platform in January 2014 onward. As of January 2014, the iOS app had been downloaded over 1 million times.

There are innovations happening every now and then web application with the mix of mobile app progressed a lot into garnering online audience to the most. The product ideation served with the right technology and wrapped in robust high end apps and web strikes the right chord amongst 3.77 billion global internet users in 2017. 

Petrygon too helps people transform their ideation into fruition with software innovation though we have the mushroom growth of edutech startups but the  product with the right tinge of exceptional quality and uniqueness always steps the ladder high.


On An Economic Activity Get Together With Strangers Via Airbnb

The whole concept of Airbnb vacation rentals travel goes like this having a home and you can rent your own home and hospitality as a service to individuals, in need of a rented room, so that they leverage the hotel like stay, in some unknown city, state, country while paying in a cost effective way.

Now, connecting this rent out deal with internet technology, we have this bigwig online startup namely Airbnb that manage every phase of online interaction between the host and the guest.


This is not a new concept at all it was existed and use to happen at a large scale in the past with the famous terminology, “Paying Guest” modified into Airbnb.

So acting as a medium between the host and the guest we have Airbnb which does not own any lodging and set revenue business model by receiving percentage service fees as a commissions from both guests and hosts on each booking.

How powerful growth hike Airbnb has achieved is visible from the statistic data as it has over 3,000,000 lodging listings covering some 65,000 cities and 191 countries, and the best part of this online marketplace is that the cost of lodging is set by the host. Surprisingly Airbnb was founded in August 11, 2008; 8 years ago with 150,000,000 Users.

Airbnb is widely available in the form of online platform like OS, watchOS, tvOS, Android with the official website

The Twitter handle goes like this, “Airbnb world’s largest community driven hospitality company, offering unique homes and experiences with tweet treasure of around “Tweets 35.1K Following 21.9K Followers 602K Likes 23K Lists 3

These are some of the best pick of the recent tweet list covering the significant approach of Airbnb.

This is whole new tech push towards making the trip of  traveller enthusiast more amazing and comfy by booking a rent room with limited tenure stay with the homeowners at an entirely different place.

So, why this  trusted community marketplace is a big threat to existing hotels which were rated as 5 star and deluxe to capture the attention of the customers?

The hotels are available at a limited place like it cannot fulfill the  travellers amazing and adventurous places and home like stay plus Hotels has always been a costly stay altogether.

Homeowners can indulge into a better economic activity through the high-end Airbnb apartments rent online marketplace so if you are having something special and rare residing place you can be the lucky ones to have travellers as Airbnb paying guest!


Video Content Vs Text Content: Which is Optimum for Lead Generation?

Video content Vs Text content ? What do you like most and why Google is dependent on both to garner its search audience?

Video content is the informative content in the form of video which is now gaining more engagement and popularity owing to the wide scale viewership of both Youtube and Facebook.



Global Rank of Youtube is 3



Global Rank of Facebook is 2

Youtube is purely on Video based content whereas Facebook is experimenting both Video content and Text content, the global rank itself tells that the way Facebook pulls audience with its innovative text and video based content, we have a larger audience of people preferring text as well as video content.

Facebook is the live example for the B2B business house churning content mills to generate leads because audience wants content + information but wrapped in innovative presentation

The content efforts of almost all the midsize B2B business house is not always productive because they dont let the content team experiment with the content piece.

For example IT and ITES company would want tech writers to focus on product based content which might feel monotonous sometime but the writers are bound to write only product beauty irrespective of judging the tone of the content.

Here, you can compare the same with the facebook content like the facebook animated post microblogging of Twitter mostly by celebrities and the picturesque post of Instagram all of these make for greater piece of high engagement amazing read.

I would discuss more on an innovative platform like Yammer most of the enterprise and corporate sector are making use of to enliven the chat environment of the office.

Yammer is a freemium enterprise social networking service used for private communication within organizations. Access to a Yammer network is determined by a user’s Internet domain so that only individuals with approved email addresses may join their respective networks.

The organisations and the corporate sector can effectively add Yammer to their content department for curating content based on the collaborative efforts of their own office human resources.

Then they can connect their official website business content to the content of yammer to get more lead generation with minimum efforts.

Also who does not like photography the content managers can involve the photography enthusiast employees of the firm to churn lots of high quality videos and images for the website content some related to the products and some from the brainchild mix of the employees innovation.

I am 100% sure the business content of the website digital marketing will sure garner huge audience traffic to the site thus generating lead with internal resources of the company.

The taste of the Google audience is different now as they want more informative and amazing content which suit their brain imagination in minimum nanosec as they browse site after site increasing the bounce rate of the web page. Here I am considering all the age bracket audience of google search.

The Text content was seriously old with the very first invention of Print Media and The video content was equally old with the invention of Camera and TV also with radio, in fact they were oldish traditional marketing medium with focus on content.

The content idea is still working in the new era of past dotcom and Google search monopoly in the all new form of inventions like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and snapchat and many more. What do you think is the futuristic form of content would be in the coming days do put your invaluable opinion in the comment section, so that I can add that in this post.