Video Content Vs Text Content: Which is Optimum for Lead Generation?

Video content Vs Text content ? What do you like most and why Google is dependent on both to garner its search audience?

Video content is the informative content in the form of video which is now gaining more engagement and popularity owing to the wide scale viewership of both Youtube and Facebook.



Global Rank of Youtube is 3



Global Rank of Facebook is 2

Youtube is purely on Video based content whereas Facebook is experimenting both Video content and Text content, the global rank itself tells that the way Facebook pulls audience with its innovative text and video based content, we have a larger audience of people preferring text as well as video content.

Facebook is the live example for the B2B business house churning content mills to generate leads because audience wants content + information but wrapped in innovative presentation

The content efforts of almost all the midsize B2B business house is not always productive because they dont let the content team experiment with the content piece.

For example IT and ITES company would want tech writers to focus on product based content which might feel monotonous sometime but the writers are bound to write only product beauty irrespective of judging the tone of the content.

Here, you can compare the same with the facebook content like the facebook animated post microblogging of Twitter mostly by celebrities and the picturesque post of Instagram all of these make for greater piece of high engagement amazing read.

I would discuss more on an innovative platform like Yammer most of the enterprise and corporate sector are making use of to enliven the chat environment of the office.

Yammer is a freemium enterprise social networking service used for private communication within organizations. Access to a Yammer network is determined by a user’s Internet domain so that only individuals with approved email addresses may join their respective networks.

The organisations and the corporate sector can effectively add Yammer to their content department for curating content based on the collaborative efforts of their own office human resources.

Then they can connect their official website business content to the content of yammer to get more lead generation with minimum efforts.

Also who does not like photography the content managers can involve the photography enthusiast employees of the firm to churn lots of high quality videos and images for the website content some related to the products and some from the brainchild mix of the employees innovation.

I am 100% sure the business content of the website digital marketing will sure garner huge audience traffic to the site thus generating lead with internal resources of the company.

The taste of the Google audience is different now as they want more informative and amazing content which suit their brain imagination in minimum nanosec as they browse site after site increasing the bounce rate of the web page. Here I am considering all the age bracket audience of google search.

The Text content was seriously old with the very first invention of Print Media and The video content was equally old with the invention of Camera and TV also with radio, in fact they were oldish traditional marketing medium with focus on content.

The content idea is still working in the new era of past dotcom and Google search monopoly in the all new form of inventions like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and snapchat and many more. What do you think is the futuristic form of content would be in the coming days do put your invaluable opinion in the comment section, so that I can add that in this post.



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