On An Economic Activity Get Together With Strangers Via Airbnb

The whole concept of Airbnb vacation rentals travel goes like this having a home and you can rent your own home and hospitality as a service to individuals, in need of a rented room, so that they leverage the hotel like stay, in some unknown city, state, country while paying in a cost effective way.

Now, connecting this rent out deal with internet technology, we have this bigwig online startup namely Airbnb that manage every phase of online interaction between the host and the guest.


This is not a new concept at all it was existed and use to happen at a large scale in the past with the famous terminology, “Paying Guest” modified into Airbnb.

So acting as a medium between the host and the guest we have Airbnb which does not own any lodging and set revenue business model by receiving percentage service fees as a commissions from both guests and hosts on each booking.

How powerful growth hike Airbnb has achieved is visible from the statistic data as it has over 3,000,000 lodging listings covering some 65,000 cities and 191 countries, and the best part of this online marketplace is that the cost of lodging is set by the host. Surprisingly Airbnb was founded in August 11, 2008; 8 years ago with 150,000,000 Users.

Airbnb is widely available in the form of online platform like OS, watchOS, tvOS, Android with the official website https://www.airbnb.co.in/

The Twitter handle goes like this, “Airbnb world’s largest community driven hospitality company, offering unique homes and experiences with tweet treasure of around “Tweets 35.1K Following 21.9K Followers 602K Likes 23K Lists 3

These are some of the best pick of the recent tweet list covering the significant approach of Airbnb.

This is whole new tech push towards making the trip of  traveller enthusiast more amazing and comfy by booking a rent room with limited tenure stay with the homeowners at an entirely different place.

So, why this  trusted community marketplace is a big threat to existing hotels which were rated as 5 star and deluxe to capture the attention of the customers?

The hotels are available at a limited place like it cannot fulfill the  travellers amazing and adventurous places and home like stay plus Hotels has always been a costly stay altogether.

Homeowners can indulge into a better economic activity through the high-end Airbnb apartments rent online marketplace so if you are having something special and rare residing place you can be the lucky ones to have travellers as Airbnb paying guest!



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