When the common person unaware of any tidbits of tech innovations urge to know about the whereabouts of Consumer Electronics Show

Then the very common definition of CES in layman terms is Consumer Electronics Show which has something to do with the best of electronics. Adding a more drill down on the something to everything about Consumer Electronics Show we happen to refer Wiki with more refined specifications about it to be a famous annual trade show duly organized by the Consumer Technology Association. This extra happening gizmo show amaze the world with phenomenon tech progress held in the month of January at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.

consumer electronics show photos

The more icing on the cake like thing comes straight from the consumer electronics show exhibitors core presentations of new innovative products and technologies in the consumer electronics industry

Consumer Electronics Show Breakout Trend

The main highlights:

This year 2018 the show was being held between the 9th and 12th of january. It showcased the superb of the infinite best of gadgetry and technologies in terms of top rated design and engineering.

The core innovative categories that made the show extra significant comprised of the breakthrough innovations in tech wearables, IoT devices, we almost knew about the term smart linked to Smartphones but witnessed smart cars, extra large screen TVS powered with the magic on engineering digital milestones.

We witnessed the digitization at its best in the form of an exemplary masterpiece innovation straight out of the brainchild of Tech geeks at Hong Kong based Tech Firm Maxus Tech.

This device, “WELLE“, does a bit of magic at instant as the end user can have the digital powers to convert any surface into a touch surface. All you have to do is to position the device on the table and do the magic like having a magic wand. The exceptional powers like you can control your bluetooth fingers just by dragging fingers on the table WoW!!! WELLE

You can be seated and control the on and off the Smart Tv all with your fingers on touch surface created by the device

Even a bit of control on home automation devices as you can change the colour of your smart light. The device  has the facility to easily sync with Smartphone app so that you can gesture control the rest of your wish to do lists via touch, tap, swipe.

The technology Inside:

Cleverly leveraging the digital power of Sonar Technology, this device can be labeled to be the consumer electronics show best emerging technology.

How do you like this stuff ?

This question must be asked at this time because the tech gadgets are the dearest of the things duly carried on by millenials; occupied most of the time with Smartphone, Skull headphone,Google home,Wireless Fitness Wrist Band and Activity Monitor etc

Do give your opinion as comments, to what you find the best attractive at the ces las vegas 2018







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