Drone Definition: It’s a tech enabled Aerial vehicle that gained much craze amongst people globally involved into making this device or movable gadget more human friendly.

Drone is the biggest innovative product that seems to capture the commercial  market in the near future. We are having a lot different kind of Drones with camera, available commercial with the very first idea to make it of, commercial use into delivering objects to distant places; as it is used in restaurants home delivery business. Of late we made drone highly sought after vehicle device for surveillance and rescue purposes, as it saved lives of many in dreadly flood situations.

Drone Mobile

Taking the whole concept of innovation to the next level, with  a drone you can ride is materialized by China. The idea is not bad to have the seed ingrained for future flying cars, through World’s first Passenger Drone. It is under test and trials to have one person seated inside the drone

In Fact the flying cars would be taking some more years to be on air, instead we have Drone passenger way of commuting available in the near future.

Drone can be used in many ways what the audience think would be the more suitable commercial applications of Drone

  • Drone for Object Delivery
  • Drone Fishing
  • Drone integrated SmartPhone to take nice Selfies with Full 360 Degree visible background
  • Drone in as Ambulance For emergency patient carrying to the distant Hospitals
  • Drone for carrying bag and baggage from railways and Airport
  • In malls for passing on and delivering the purchased things straight at home safely

Do write us about your imaginative commercial applications of Drone Aerial Vehicle at its best. How about AI(Artificial Intelligence ), Predictive Analysis, Machine learning and Big data Integration into Drone Passenger


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