Facebook has the power and potential to change the word probably because of the young blood CEO Mark Zuckerberg futuristic approaches that has given altogether, a new paradigm shift to photo viewing.

Welcome to Facebook
Facebook is a new generation Web2.0 which acquires a solid monopoly in social networking as a super cool social media giant. Recently Facebook is in news for all the good reasons of data vulnerability and compromises.

The global world of 7.6 Billion people has seen the dark side of the story but the truth is crystal white as transparent.

The truth is that facebook is a system of great values and ethics as it has not given up to the porn kind of ecosystem created out of the internet evolutions past dotcom era. Now, when the end users see the lumpsom use of the internet systems as online platforms of networking like Facebook; they start making misuse of this as happened in the initial days of facebook popularity.

We  were a bit afraid as global Facebook users of the infiltrations of virus on FB profiles. But the tech firm assured us of the virus fear and secured the FB platform to the maximum against virus.

Facebook best thing is the real time sharing of the clicked photos to our connected near and dear ones as FB contacts in nanosecs.

We are so amazed to see the likes tag and shares and comments(positives) that makes our day special in real time.

This was not the situation prior to Fb like we were dependent on photo albums and the likes of traditional photo film roll camera to get us clicked and the wait to get the printed photo was also not so good with most of us. But we were a decade lagging that was overtook by the great internet tech innovations in the form of FB.

In the year 2008-2009 end users struggled a lot to get their acc created on Fb that was rocking the entire american populations with its niche features and functionalities as a social networking sites. When you get quality over quantity, you love it, so India was also rejoiced to be face to face with a photo portal of emotions and connectivity that was in dam real time.

As we were taught in our primary school essays as always, Science has advantages and disadvantages, so It was the science of Fb users that could have misused it in many ways.

Because every system evolves after some time of existence and Facebook is also was on a nascent stages of profound evolutions capturing the global attention of global population in minimum time span. People have accepted FB with a golden heart, as a great host it 3 Billion global community.

In the face pace of tech internet revolution for the next big jump in the best of AI,Big Data, Deep machine learning, IoT we will get more stuff unlocked in our own FB as #FBians


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