Audience, you got me here on this blog of mine, by a keyword search on “Google”. Thanks for paying a visit to my blog. My name is Praveen kumar, the core blogger of this WordPress goldmine, a genuine platform of blogging and putting thoughts, on this digital platform.I have done my technical graduation in Electronics & Communication and pursued many miscellaneous jobs, in miscellaneous software companies after finally landing a job, as “Social Media Manager”, in a MS Dynamics CRM and Sales force consulting firm at, DehraDun India place full of natural beauty at its best.

ASP.NET technology is the innovation of the century that stores a lot of promise,  in the development environment, as it gives a compete newer platform for seasoned coding specialist and additional wings to cowboy coders. I have given my extra efforts to focus on the complete new ASP.NET technology that can reinvent, the programming methods for developing cutting edge web applications.

This technology in fact gives us beauty of the wings that we can make use of, to fly smoothly in the programming world. As, most of us must have began the programming journey with the yesteryear BASIC and now have the pleasure, to leverage on the futuristic 5th generation programming model that will innovate coding, from the basic to the advanced level.

Guys, what will you get in this Blog?

  • A lot of information on the who’s about of programming in ASP.NET.
  • Valuable insights from the professionals doing real time work in ASP.NET in Multinational organisations.
  • A guidance from the industry experts on how to shape your career in this complete new technology.

So, get set go and have patience as I will update this blog, with newer information on daily basis. Please do drop in, valuable suggestions to further improve this blog, as your comments are a real asset to the progress of this blog.


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