Video Content Vs Text Content: Which is Optimum for Lead Generation?

Video content Vs Text content ? What do you like most and why Google is dependent on both to garner its search audience?

Video content is the informative content in the form of video which is now gaining more engagement and popularity owing to the wide scale viewership of both Youtube and Facebook.



Global Rank of Youtube is 3



Global Rank of Facebook is 2

Youtube is purely on Video based content whereas Facebook is experimenting both Video content and Text content, the global rank itself tells that the way Facebook pulls audience with its innovative text and video based content, we have a larger audience of people preferring text as well as video content.

Facebook is the live example for the B2B business house churning content mills to generate leads because audience wants content + information but wrapped in innovative presentation

The content efforts of almost all the midsize B2B business house is not always productive because they dont let the content team experiment with the content piece.

For example IT and ITES company would want tech writers to focus on product based content which might feel monotonous sometime but the writers are bound to write only product beauty irrespective of judging the tone of the content.

Here, you can compare the same with the facebook content like the facebook animated post microblogging of Twitter mostly by celebrities and the picturesque post of Instagram all of these make for greater piece of high engagement amazing read.

I would discuss more on an innovative platform like Yammer most of the enterprise and corporate sector are making use of to enliven the chat environment of the office.

Yammer is a freemium enterprise social networking service used for private communication within organizations. Access to a Yammer network is determined by a user’s Internet domain so that only individuals with approved email addresses may join their respective networks.

The organisations and the corporate sector can effectively add Yammer to their content department for curating content based on the collaborative efforts of their own office human resources.

Then they can connect their official website business content to the content of yammer to get more lead generation with minimum efforts.

Also who does not like photography the content managers can involve the photography enthusiast employees of the firm to churn lots of high quality videos and images for the website content some related to the products and some from the brainchild mix of the employees innovation.

I am 100% sure the business content of the website digital marketing will sure garner huge audience traffic to the site thus generating lead with internal resources of the company.

The taste of the Google audience is different now as they want more informative and amazing content which suit their brain imagination in minimum nanosec as they browse site after site increasing the bounce rate of the web page. Here I am considering all the age bracket audience of google search.

The Text content was seriously old with the very first invention of Print Media and The video content was equally old with the invention of Camera and TV also with radio, in fact they were oldish traditional marketing medium with focus on content.

The content idea is still working in the new era of past dotcom and Google search monopoly in the all new form of inventions like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and snapchat and many more. What do you think is the futuristic form of content would be in the coming days do put your invaluable opinion in the comment section, so that I can add that in this post.


Google Ads Vs Organic Which Is Better

The Google search has been divided into two main streams paid search and organic search. This situation can lightly be equated into a kind of reservation convenience you get when you reserve your seat in advance while travelling or dining. The reservation term is so good that it just takes you out of the crowd and the rush at the cost of hiked money so that you don’t have to stand in queue waiting for your turn to avail the services.


The Pagerank in Google search matters a lot especially when you are into some sort of online business and desperately looking forward to generating lead out of your SEO activities. Your SEO efforts are left futile with Google paid search that lets the website rank higher on the basis of purchased keywords. So you don’t have to invest into SEO Efforts as buying keywords and running sponsored results aka PPC (Paid Per Click) campaign you get the feel of reservation facility at the search engine premises of Google. But you cannot derive the long term benefits of paid search in the form of Google Ads.

28 May

Clicks on paid search listings beat out organic clicks by nearly a 2:1 margin for keywords with high commercial intent in the US. In other words, 64.6% of people click on Google Ads when they are looking to buy an item online!

Citation source

But shockingly! What I find in most of the sponsored results when I click the websites ranking on top 1, 2 and 3 positions in Google search for a specific query.


The website is below standard in content, information and dynamics data. They lack the aesthetic web portal design might be lacking all the Google specific criteria of, “on page SEO” but they rank high, just because of sponsored results. But the truth is “organic results.” always appear on Google search engine ranking purely based on the quality and content of the page.


SEO is not troublesome when you are putting your hard labor to let your website rank higher on Google search. I came upon this wonderful article on Medium that you can go on reading and somehow master managing the organic ranking of your site. Ranking high by organic ways you can reap the benefits for a long time.


Results on the first page of Google (The Top 10) receive 92% off all search traffic on Google. Traffic drops by 95% on the second page.

Citation source

SEO is Not Hard — A step-by-step SEO Tutorial for beginners that will get you ranked every single time.

The hard fact is organic search takes time to get indexed and it takes minimum span of three to six months for organic SEO results

The beginning foundation stone of a well-structured website is first and foremost designing and developing a website, either by getting the help of a genuine website design services if you are novice in website design or you can take the services of

SEO is a child’s play to satiate all new Artificial Intelligence backed, “Rank Brain” search algorithm of Google, you can explore new horizons of online web presence through organic search engine optimization. How do you opine on this digital divide of paid and organic search you can forward your thoughts in the comment.

Will Cyber security solutions improve with machine learning in the offing?

Did you ever experience any sort of machine learning in your tech enabled world of advanced minimum 3G supported Smartphone, high configuration laptop, Retina display tablets? Yes for a few days now we do experience some sort of assistance from machines in our day today activities thank to the endeavor by cyber security firms. Software developer community is doing a fantastic job in improving new launches of latest Mobile apps that offers a lot of new machine learning functionalities. Talking about Smartphone my personal experiences with built-in high end processor equipped cell phone thoroughly leverage on comprehensive mobile apps that seems to simplify our interaction with the virtual world.

wordpress pic

SwiftKey innovative mobile add on

Yes My first machine learning intellectual interaction happened with this Artificial intelligence backed Mobile app that simplifies the input ways by studying and learning the pattern of typed words so that next time you are about to input fresh words or previously used words it will instantly recommend pre-complied words. It really sounds good to have your typing speed enhanced especially when you are completely engaged in Whatspp platform of social interaction.

Speakit chrome users will love it

Recently I have installed a compete new Chrome extension plug available for free on Chrome App store, I was appalled to notice its feature rich advanced functionality and Text to Speech algorithm. Now I don’t have to read the web content monotonously all by my own because I have this intelligent web page content reader who reads out everything interesting for me.

The impact of machine learning on the global cyber security will bypass all the hacking practice that pose a serious concerns on the confidential data, information and personal password credentials. As the  e-commerce industry is the new business interest for many entrepreneurs who have started or planning to one machine enabled cyber security will enhance the virtual business a lot in the future.


Connect well with SEO and ASP.NET Technical writing in a better way

Today in the swift digital revolution of cyberspace, Google is heading towards the only one platform for all the search related queries amongst the end users. There are two broad ways we can define web page writing and information development.The recent trend of web page writing in the form of content writing and technical writing  has gained tremendous momentum in the past few years.

Anyone with a flair of writing expertise either novice or seasoned professional can embark into this glorious career of digital writing. Now, more and more companies are hiring all kinds of human resources to progress in online image and product branding. There are a mix market of  content development professionals as they move up the ladder of SEO,SMO, SMM.

wordpress pics

ASP NET examples for beginners

A well versed web content writer with basic knowledge of  software designing and functioning can grab a plum following profiles in enterprise and corporate work culture.

The different profiles and designations associated with content writing includes the following:

  • Copy writer
  • Content writer
  • Technical Writer
  • Digital Writer
  • Information Developer
  • Content Developer
  • Communication Specialist
  • Content Strategist
  • Content Managers

Depending upon the level of experience gained in the various software industry, individual and professionals can realize and materialize the famous saying which goes like this, “Pen is mightier then the Sword”. For technical writing enhanced  grooming you need to gain overview knowledge base in asp net examples for beginners 

Adding a tinge of SEO tactics to ASP.NET Technical writing can Index the write-up content in the Google SERP. Following tips and tactics can improve SEO in Technical .NET writing. Create website content with these tips as basics of asp net programming goes hand in hand for better technical write-ups.

  • Research for the most relevant keywords, tip for the novice ones as they can type their query straight into the google search box and get the suitable keyword related information with proper google suggestions.
  • Just create credentials on Google Keywords either ways you can log in with ypur gmail account and then you can use Google Adwords Keyword planning function in the Tools menu button. There you will get a lot of suggested top high and low competition keywords and rest of the information can be collected by a general research on internet.
  • You can make use of Google Trend web application to find the suitable relevant Niche Keyword.The same account of Gmail works equally well on this.

Just write as natural as you can because Google Panda update is very sensitive towards penalized Keyword stuffing so the best way to showcase your work is only write by heart.