Make Your Morning Perfect For New Year Week Ahead

Year 2018 has a lot to offer in terms of life, career and job all mixed up with aggressive advanced Tech Progress. So, you have to be prepared to face yet another 362 days in store with minute to major professional challenges; by making amendments in your lifestyle. Make Your Morning Perfect For New Year Week Ahead

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22nd June 2017 Innovative Doodle For Google Music Idiosyncrasy: Best Google Doodles

This time doodle for google has a fleet of surprise for music lovers with its innovative tech surprise wrapped in doodle. For the past few days the Google doodle lovers and enthusiast were missing this exceptional surprise. The sad part of the google doodle existence on the cyberspace that remains for single day so you music lovers have 24 hrs to enjoy this music extravaganza!  This doodle deals a lot with the animated musical special effects where you can make your music composition with the aid of doodle GUI.

Lets know more about Oskar Wilhelm Fischinger based today’s google doodle 

Born in 22 June 1900, Gelnhausen, Germany Oskar Wilhelm Fischinger was a German-American abstract animator, filmmaker, and painter, notable for creating abstract musical animation many decades before the appearance of computer graphics and music videos. Being a notable creative painter he  painted around 800 canvases, many of which are in museums, galleries and collections worldwide. credited to his enormous creative potentials.

These are some of the incomplete list of this famous person hollwood contributions

  • Silhouetten (1920)
  • Stäbe (1920)
  • Wachs Experimente (1921)
  • Studies 1–4 (1921–1925)
  • Spiralen (1925)
  • München-Berlin Wanderung (1927)
  • Seelische Konstruktionen (1927)
  • Study Nr. 2 (1929)
  • Study Nr. 3 (1930)
  • Study Nr. 4 (1930)
  • Study Nr. 5 (1930)
  • Study Nr. 6 (1930)
  • Study Nr. 7 (1930-31)
  • Study Nr. 8 (1931)
  • Study Nr. 9 (1931)
  • Study Nr. 12 (1932)
  • Study Nr. 13-fragment (1933-34)
  • Kreise (Alle kreise erfasst Tolirag) (1933-34)
  • Muratti greift ein (1934)
  • Komposition in Blau (1935)
  • Muratti Privat (1935)
  • Allegretto (1936)
  • An Optical Poem (1937)
  • Organic Fragment (1941)
  • Am American March (1941)
  • Motion Painting Nr. 1 (1947)
  • Muntz TV Commercial (c. 1952) Source

This must watch movies list has a lot in store in terms of creativity involvement . Keep enjoying google doodle today .


Lets connect with yoga to the fullest with 21st June International yoga day 2017

21st June is the most significant day of the year that marks the International yoga day 2017. Global citizen are celebrating yoga day to the fullest with India which is the origin of this traditional ancient hindu practice. This wonderful health regimen treasure from ancient India dates back to some 5000 years practiced by yogis.

Yoga is the ultimate medium to connect mind, body and soul. The global citizen of 21st century with tech savvy nature has advanced so much on the scientific evolution that Nasa has send  robotic space mission involving two Mars rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, but this worldwide tremendous progress came with the by product of stress, depression and anxiety. Yoga is the natural stress buster as you can embark on an spiritual exploration with meditation in yoga.


Sometimes yoga is synonymous to elixir that revitalize and rejuvenate the body with the addition of multiple yoga forms of asanas and postures. The fundamental initiation of wide yoga practices start of with Sun Salutation or Surya namaskar that involves breathing in  and out with various breathing techniques through various poses like mountain, tree, triangle cat,and cobra.

Yoga day is the brainchild of Mr. Narendra Modi India Reigning honourable Prime Minister  leading a gathering of over 50,000 yoga enthusiasts at the Ramabai Ambedkar Maidan on the third edition of world yoga day 2017. There are multiple yoga studios around the world that instill the necessity of adopting Yoga health benefits next to medical urgency to keep fit and fine as yoga is the complete wellness program that boost health longevity.

There are two broad classification of yoga mild yoga that weighs on the soft workout yoga exercises and vigorous yoga like hot yoga. Both benefits the human body in numerous ways as yoga stretching and movement relax and detoxify boosting heart health.

The icing on the cake yoga forms asanas is the best child pose asana which relax the body thoroughly with meditative after effects. The 10 to 20 minutes routine yoga practice can do wonders to the body starting the day more amazing with initiation of sun salutation  and concluding with savasana. Petrygon salutes the spirited global participation of world population marking the  glorious third consecutive world yoga day 2017 with heart and soul.