Make Your Morning Perfect For New Year Week Ahead

Year 2018 has a lot to offer in terms of life, career and job all mixed up with aggressive advanced Tech Progress. So, you have to be prepared to face yet another 362 days in store with minute to major professional challenges; by making amendments in your lifestyle. Make Your Morning Perfect For New Year Week Ahead

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Merry Christmas: Christmas And New Year Greetings

Christmas and New Year Greetings to all the Invaluable Audiences as Unique Visitors

Merry Christmas

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What Makes New Robot, “Sophia” Must Have Robot?

“”Do you like Steven Spielberg as the best director for best robot movies”?

Yes, we do like him because of the science fiction movies that he produces. One of the best robot movies, by Steven namely Artificial Intelligence gives a message about the advent of the Robotics race into the human world.

This movie came post the era of 2000 year as a futuristic imagination, through the eyes of the ace director, “Steven Spielberg” and we got to have sophisticated humanoid robot Sophia, materialized like dream come true, in the year 2017 end. In-fact Japan is world renowned developed country, best known for high- end, “robotic innovations”, with Asimo the humanoid robot capable of human intelligence.

We also have generation describing and marking the Internet progress such as 2G, 3G, 4G, & 5G Spectrum, so likewise, we can place Asimo in the earliest intelligent real robots, preceded by the latest and the recent one “Sophia”.

Robot Picture


What makes Asimo Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility making it at par with best robot dance? 

ASIMO has the ability to fully interact with humans recognizing sounds and faces, effectively detecting gestures of the moving objects, and human postures, in its surrounding environment

  • The robot is made more intelligent through sensor visual capabilities to follow or face a person in the form of two camera “eyes” located in its head that enable ASIMO to easily detect the movements of multiple objects; conveying visual information in its powerful electronic best robotics circuitry making him (Robotic gender) complete humanoid, in taking “human like steps” by determined distance and direction
  • You can talk and converse, even handshake ASIMO robot, with artificial reflex movements, as he speaks back to you with human gestures responding to its name; providing a verbal answer in different languages, while interpreting voice and sounds of a falling object or collision.
  • ASIMO can effectively recognize approximately 10 different faces and address them by name.
Robot Images

Humanoid Sophia

Best robot movies, gave us best robotics, with high-end robot technology in super robot

  • Humanoid Robot, Sophia has an embedded artificial intelligence, powered by visual data processing in sync with out-of-the-box phenomenon facial recognition.
  • What makes “Sophia” rare and unique is through the way she(Robotic gender ) imitates human gestures and facial expressions
  • Sophia is able to answer certain questions, so we can imagine futuristic customer care work force having Sophia as the lead of Robot employees to make simple conversations on predefined topics.

Now, we have a complete next generation of Humanoid Robots ready to face the future equipped with the best of Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, Big data and machine learning.

Can we able to drill further in tech innovations by connecting Bitcoin Digital Cryptocurrency access to these advanced humanoid Robots and what will happen to our Cyber Security vulnerable to Cyber-attacks like recent ones Petya & Wannacry ransomware.

Got to see A.I. once again to Rekindle Robot Race Uprising!

Leverage The Best Of Pixel Buds In Google Pixel Phone: Pixel 2 And Pixel 2 XL

Top rated Google pixel phone, in the form of Google Nexus and Pixel, marks the high-end foray of search giant, into the Smartphone booming market of 2.1 billion with 2.4 Billion aggregate users, as of now.

Google pixel phone

Google Pixel Phone

The Nexus Series expansion from Nexus One to Nexus 10 coincides well with 19 year completion of Google’s B’day. Google family of pixel newest smartphones (Google’s Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL) is a next big step in Google Phone tech innovation.

Google Pixel 2 phones pioneered built-in eSIM technology available in the variant slots of 64GB and 128GB


Google pixel buds

Google Pixel Buds

Priced at $159, Google Assistant enabled Pixel Buds, Google very first pair of wireless headphones offers real-time Google Translate compatible for 40 languages

  • Feature rich in gesture controls,
  • Switch songs, effectively with swipes and touches
  • Multitask by adjusting volume levels while answering phone calls

Android Operating system is one of the flagship additions in the Smartphone wide level innovations by Google; when Nokia use to the only synonym equivalent of cellphone, with well-established monopoly, in the initial days of Mobile phone which embarked into electronic digital communication. Android was the answer for Symbian OS, IOS and Nokia Lumia Windows Smartphone.

Having Google native Phone with an infectious tech super combination of all latest versions of native Android is like icing on the cake, solely dedicated and gifted to the Smart tech-savvy users.







Rekindle Face Off Flick With iPhone X: Make Your Face Your Password

On the very occasion of the completion of complete one decade with Apple Tech magic with innovative products, the world is one-on-one with all new iPhone X.

the new iphone x

Apple iphone x

One of the sophisticated mobile communication gadget till date that came out of the immense treasure of Apple Innovations is,” iPhone” appreciated worldwide, for out-of-the-box features with flagship feature,”Touchscreen”.

The world loved it and got their first iPhone handy to accelerate their snobbish status socially,well I may be a bit wrong at this very moment to not include social platforms like Fb,Twitter,Instagram.

iphone x launch date in india

Apple iPhoneX

iPhone X travelled a decade of innovative reforms to showcase the world advanced access security in the form of new FaceID feature. The Hollywood science fiction is getting a bit of share in the tech progress as now we can have all the latest features like Artificial Intelligence, Chat bots and Predictive Analysis, and Big data materialise in the cool gadgets. Smartphone comes with a mix of all these tech specs and FaceID is the latest in iPhone X.



iPhone X New Features

  • 5.8 Inch  bezel-less super retina display packed with 1125*2436 Pixel high Resolution
  • Wireless Charging
  • Face Recognition unlock FaceID Feature complete with Infrared camera that is capable to detect face even in dark and make 3D image of almost 30,000 infrared dots balanced with Password access. Now all this deplete of fingerprint sensor so no place for fingerprint access.
  • Two variants in 64 and 256Gb storage
  • Cameras  Selfie stands on 7 MP with 12 MP Rear
  • iPhone X Plus Price bracket is in US$ 999.00 to US$ 1,149.00
the iphone x

The iphone x

iPhone X reminds of the next gen Smartphone to enliven futuristic lifestyle synonym to the Hollywood blockbuster like Face/Off directed by John Woo. and released in the year 1997 happen to be an American science fiction action film that garnered great audience viewership worldwide.

Smartphone is becoming a person’s, “digital assets” of each individual carrying a lot of personal secrets that need to be screened from the world around us, so access to the cellphone limitation was the need of the hour.

Active social media cyberspace connectivity 24*7 hour adds towards a heap of virtual data that marks our online profile activities. Secured iPhone X is a beautiful step towards this.




App forces kids to respond to parents’ calls or texts
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Video Chat Device By Facebook In The Offing

The social media giant revolutionised the way we share and like virtual images and videos on the cyberspace, is planning big to embed advanced AI(Artificial Intelligence) in Facebook:

Lets look in the technology that will be truly awesome for few valid reasons:

  • This new tech is Facebook hardware innovation
  • The old form of video chat feel of Microsoft Skype is transformed in the next generation of video chat by Facebook
  • Laptop would be significant in this video chat device
  • Video chat users on this Facebook device platform would feel virtually together in the same place although they are sitting at distant places.
  • The whole concept seems to be making users feel as if they are chatting to the distant person in their own home, they would literally virtually feel the presence of the distant person to be real near to them.
  • Of late we were virtually introduced to 360 degree videos on You tube platform but facebook is thinking ahead to innovate its very own 360 degree camera most probably in this new device.

Facebook experimented with image sharing, like, tag, poke features with complete new live video feature by Facebook that is gradually gaining popularity.

But Video chat device would be the icing on the cake with native Facebook social networking, messaging features and functionalities that might rock the world for almost next generation superb innovation.