Is Artificial Intelligence A Modern Approach in Digital Innovation Or Disruption In 2019

Computers themselves, and software yet to be developed, will revolutionize the way we learn.

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Artificial Intelligence Enabled Christmas Tree 2018

Artificial Intelligence Enabled Christmas Tree 2018

The year of 2000 was dominated with, “Y2K bug”, as a more technical glitch in Software world which was duly rectified with the high scale foray of Internet and dotcom era and the concluding year 2018 is completely dominated by high end tech of Artificial Intelligence.

The world is progressing by leaps and bounds to provide comfort living to the maximum with the very First Industrial Revolution that made use of  water as the ultimate source of the horse power functioning; of the newly invented steam power in the form of Steam Engines.

Almost every mechanical work that required human energy was driven by machines powered by steam to mechanize production. The Second phase of engineering inventions and large scale innovations made use of the electric power to create mass production at ease.

Artificial-Intelligence Techniques

Artificial Intelligence In Universe And The Universe In Artificial Intelligence

The transistor giving way to Ultra Large scale Integration embedding millions of transistors on a single silicon semiconductor microchip  revolutionized Electrical and Electronics as a whole. The Third phase was marked by heavy technological progress and commercial applications in electronics and information technology to automate production.

Is Siri Artificial Intelligence?

The answer lies in the intuitive  user experience of profound user base of Artificial Intelligence Companies doing exceptional indispensable innovations  namely Apple iPhone products

The duo Tech Giants Google Inc and Apple Inc Flagship new variants of Artifiial Intelligence Google Smartphone namely Google Pixel 3 XL Android smartphone, Apple iPhone 8 smartphone boost  machine intelligence to the maximum.

Google Assistant in the form of, “Google Home“, and, “Apple Intelligent assistant Siri“, can transform the world by the 2030 with almost global population of  2 to 2.5 Billion users connected with Artificial Intelligence enables Personal Digital Assistant.

Some Artificial Intelligence Examples:

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Artificial Intelligence In Medicine

Artificial Intelligence in medicine is seen to be the next big innovation that will completely transform traditional healthcare.

Imagine Medico Specialist with handy  Genome database for remote medical prescriptions to patients having informed decision with Webmd .

Even Ace Surgeons can leverage handy Facebook  pair of video-calling devices — Portal and Portal Plus for real-time invaluable operations.

7.7 Billion Global population comprise of sufficient number who are professionals and dependent on job sites for good job offer at par  to their talent, Artificial Intelligence Jobs would transform that completely with Dynamics 365 for Talent Acquisition. With tight integration of Office 365, Skype, LinkedIn, Azure Machine learning and Power BI Reporting will smoothly connect the hire to be and the hiring agency or the employer.

Year 2019 would be more full of surprises for the tech driven human civilization in the coming end of the 21st Century as we would witness a smooth amalgamation of intelligent machines into citizens lifestyle.