New York International Auto Show 2018: Best In Cars Brands

Cars are Dream Cars that comes at a price as, it is the costly lifetime personal belongings of a human being, on this, “Blue planet”, although we are contributing towards heavy, “Ozone Layer” disbalance and, “Air Pollution” out of it

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New York International Auto Show 2018: Best In Cars Brands For Car Enthusiasts

New York International Auto Show happened this year 2018 with a lot of surprises for the global car freaks and lovers around the world. The showstopper was the best in car design functionality features and aerodynamics equally balanced by a lot of sophistication in terms of electronics and innovation.

Here’s The Topslot Bandwagon Showstopper Highlights In A Jiffy

Luxury Cars 2018

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Nissan Altima Sedan 2019  and Genesis From South korea were New York Auto Show main attractions aka Top Rated Luxury Cars as cynosure

All wheel drive it’s all about a new range of gasoline editions with special focus on fuel economy; 2.5 litre turbo charged F4 Cylinder AI Android Auto Cars were showcased with safety driven assistance.

We had a big surprise in the form of South korea luxury car segment Genesis Science Fiction look-like car with superb light weight body  and a burst of speed, behind the wheel in the form of super lightning pick of about 100 km/hour in min 3 sec.

Beside this there were other surprises also wrapped in Sports coupe electric cars.

A thrilling dynamic launch for Urus: the performance of a Lamborghini super sports car, with the comfort and versatility of a Super Sport Utility Vehicle. Impossible? Not #SinceWeMadeItPossible. #Lamborghini #Urus