Technology Transition Impact From Wifi to Mifi

Today’s Technology is synonym to the world wide web with the deeper impact of the internet penetration globally from the urban landscape to the the remote continents of the world

Internet: This is a must have term for the millenials as they grew with this as toddlers and now became the, “Social media mavenwith accomplished white collar jobs in MNC(multinational companies). But to all those people born in the era of 1980’s internet was nowhere but the impact of Television monopoly was there; exactly as counter impact of, “Radio” and, “Telegram” during the days of our great grandfathers time.

We can broadly define Internet of today more powerful and more robust and of Cutting edge technologies(like 4G,& somewhat 5G), but for an, “Electronics Scholar” Internet definition goes with the electronics glossary and terminology

The Internet is the global worldwide tech enabled system of closely interconnected computer networks(LAN,MAN and WAN) that make use of the Internet protocol suite (such as TCP/IP) to link devices(“PDA’s:Personal Digital Assistant”) worldwide

So, do a Router which is s a kind of a networking device that seamlessly forwards electronics data packets between interconnected computer networks. Routers are an indispensable electronic device that perform the traffic directing functions on the Internet, as the data packet is forwarded from one router to another router through the computer networks, that contributes an internet work until it reaches its destination node

Modem Types

whereas   Modem Types(Modulator and Demodulator) It has all to deal with the encoding and the decoding of the electronics digital information

Infact an Internet geek would like to seamlessly connect internet on his Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, Palmtop and Desktop all credited to the in building solutions of the EMW( Electromagnetic waves) of the Bigwigs of the Telecom Companies 

Something to do with the,BTS(Base Transreceivers and MSC mobile switching center)”♦

Finally in the very beginning of the year “2018”, we are entering into a biggest era of profound Tech progress at its best, with the Software and Hardware achievements( as we have now, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Machine Learning, Predictive Analysis, and Big data combination of Tech surprises♦)

Mifi vs Wifi

To land on with the devices like,Mifi with outdated, “Wifi

Do share with us your invaluable opinion, as comments of what tech latest nano forms nanotechnologies will reinvent the World.