How Can I Start Online Business

Of late we are hearing much about every second person in the world synchronizing their offline business to online platform. But we have to look into the various different aspects when we are seriously planning to bring our business to online platform.

The, ‘Budget’ is the initial baby steps for the web presence

Now, depending upon the budget that we can invest into various resources for online web presence simply starts out of a dedicated website that will be the official website of the company for products and services. But when the six alphabet word, “budget” comes in the mind of a business man, he will first think to get a website developed at nominal price.

How much it will cost to develop a website?

Normally a website will not cost more than 6k hardly to develop a website with few web pages. It will include all the nuisances of web hosting and domain registration. You can opt in between the e commerce website or custom wordpress website to increase the visibility of your products. The cost of developing and hosting the fully functional ecommerce and word press site varies depends on the database linked to the website.

Difference between ecommerce website and WordPress website

Ecommerce website is like an online web store that gives all the information of the products with price comparison and shopping cart for purchasing the product online integrated with payment gateway for cashless transactions.

WordPress website is a kind of website that is integrated with WordPress so that you can host your blog within your website. The basic advantage of integrated WordPress in the website is content management system without the help of designers or developers as a novice person can add content web page easily and effectively.


Web Designing

How can we find a website developer who will build such websites for us?

You can search online and Google will serve results of various web site developers and designers in specific location. But the thing is we need experts and consultants who can further guide for web presence. Merely developing a website won’t do much to your business you need to aware your user base and global audience about your services and the products.

Search engine optimization is the next step for spreading online awareness

Now the search engine consultants and experts fight their best to bring your dedicated website onto the first result of Google search engine. They do their best to promote online your website with their SEO skills and knowledge base.

Content marketing is the subset of search engine optimization  

We all know that content is the king and this fact is directly proportional to the vast reading interest of the people looking for minute to major information on Google search engine to satisfy their queries. Earlier content indexed on Google were plain text but now to make the content engaging and compelling there are various media added in the content like info graphics, video and images.

The digital marketing also gives a tinge of insightful online promotion to the web presence. Today, Digital marketing is the forefront of a website that sparkle the beauty of product and services in the form of various promotion strategies ultimately bringing your website to the very first slot of Google ranking.