Rekindle Face Off Flick With iPhone X: Make Your Face Your Password

On the very occasion of the completion of complete one decade with Apple Tech magic with innovative products, the world is one-on-one with all new iPhone X.

the new iphone x

Apple iphone x

One of the sophisticated mobile communication gadget till date that came out of the immense treasure of Apple Innovations is,” iPhone” appreciated worldwide, for out-of-the-box features with flagship feature,”Touchscreen”.

The world loved it and got their first iPhone handy to accelerate their snobbish status socially,well I may be a bit wrong at this very moment to not include social platforms like Fb,Twitter,Instagram.

iphone x launch date in india

Apple iPhoneX

iPhone X travelled a decade of innovative reforms to showcase the world advanced access security in the form of new FaceID feature. The Hollywood science fiction is getting a bit of share in the tech progress as now we can have all the latest features like Artificial Intelligence, Chat bots and Predictive Analysis, and Big data materialise in the cool gadgets. Smartphone comes with a mix of all these tech specs and FaceID is the latest in iPhone X.



iPhone X New Features

  • 5.8 Inch  bezel-less super retina display packed with 1125*2436 Pixel high Resolution
  • Wireless Charging
  • Face Recognition unlock FaceID Feature complete with Infrared camera that is capable to detect face even in dark and make 3D image of almost 30,000 infrared dots balanced with Password access. Now all this deplete of fingerprint sensor so no place for fingerprint access.
  • Two variants in 64 and 256Gb storage
  • Cameras  Selfie stands on 7 MP with 12 MP Rear
  • iPhone X Plus Price bracket is in US$ 999.00 to US$ 1,149.00
the iphone x

The iphone x

iPhone X reminds of the next gen Smartphone to enliven futuristic lifestyle synonym to the Hollywood blockbuster like Face/Off directed by John Woo. and released in the year 1997 happen to be an American science fiction action film that garnered great audience viewership worldwide.

Smartphone is becoming a person’s, “digital assets” of each individual carrying a lot of personal secrets that need to be screened from the world around us, so access to the cellphone limitation was the need of the hour.

Active social media cyberspace connectivity 24*7 hour adds towards a heap of virtual data that marks our online profile activities. Secured iPhone X is a beautiful step towards this.