Technology Transition Impact From Wifi to Mifi

Today’s Technology is synonym to the world wide web with the deeper impact of the internet penetration globally from the urban landscape to the the remote continents of the world

Internet: This is a must have term for the millenials as they grew with this as toddlers and now became the, “Social media mavenwith accomplished white collar jobs in MNC(multinational companies). But to all those people born in the era of 1980’s internet was nowhere but the impact of Television monopoly was there; exactly as counter impact of, “Radio” and, “Telegram” during the days of our great grandfathers time.

We can broadly define Internet of today more powerful and more robust and of Cutting edge technologies(like 4G,& somewhat 5G), but for an, “Electronics Scholar” Internet definition goes with the electronics glossary and terminology

The Internet is the global worldwide tech enabled system of closely interconnected computer networks(LAN,MAN and WAN) that make use of the Internet protocol suite (such as TCP/IP) to link devices(“PDA’s:Personal Digital Assistant”) worldwide

So, do a Router which is s a kind of a networking device that seamlessly forwards electronics data packets between interconnected computer networks. Routers are an indispensable electronic device that perform the traffic directing functions on the Internet, as the data packet is forwarded from one router to another router through the computer networks, that contributes an internet work until it reaches its destination node

Modem Types

whereas   Modem Types(Modulator and Demodulator) It has all to deal with the encoding and the decoding of the electronics digital information

Infact an Internet geek would like to seamlessly connect internet on his Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, Palmtop and Desktop all credited to the in building solutions of the EMW( Electromagnetic waves) of the Bigwigs of the Telecom Companies 

Something to do with the,BTS(Base Transreceivers and MSC mobile switching center)”♦

Finally in the very beginning of the year “2018”, we are entering into a biggest era of profound Tech progress at its best, with the Software and Hardware achievements( as we have now, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Machine Learning, Predictive Analysis, and Big data combination of Tech surprises♦)

Mifi vs Wifi

To land on with the devices like,Mifi with outdated, “Wifi

Do share with us your invaluable opinion, as comments of what tech latest nano forms nanotechnologies will reinvent the World.



Drone Aerial Vehicle Passenger In The Offing

Drone Definition: It’s a tech enabled Aerial vehicle that gained much craze amongst people globally involved into making this device or movable gadget more human friendly.

Drone is the biggest innovative product that seems to capture the commercial  market in the near future. We are having a lot different kind of Drones with camera, available commercial with the very first idea to make it of, commercial use into delivering objects to distant places; as it is used in restaurants home delivery business. Of late we made drone highly sought after vehicle device for surveillance and rescue purposes, as it saved lives of many in dreadly flood situations.

Drone Mobile

Taking the whole concept of innovation to the next level, with  a drone you can ride is materialized by China. The idea is not bad to have the seed ingrained for future flying cars, through World’s first Passenger Drone. It is under test and trials to have one person seated inside the drone

In Fact the flying cars would be taking some more years to be on air, instead we have Drone passenger way of commuting available in the near future.

Drone can be used in many ways what the audience think would be the more suitable commercial applications of Drone

  • Drone for Object Delivery
  • Drone Fishing
  • Drone integrated SmartPhone to take nice Selfies with Full 360 Degree visible background
  • Drone in as Ambulance For emergency patient carrying to the distant Hospitals
  • Drone for carrying bag and baggage from railways and Airport
  • In malls for passing on and delivering the purchased things straight at home safely

Do write us about your imaginative commercial applications of Drone Aerial Vehicle at its best. How about AI(Artificial Intelligence ), Predictive Analysis, Machine learning and Big data Integration into Drone Passenger


Consumer Electronics Show 2018: Consumer Electronics Show En Las Vegas

When the common person unaware of any tidbits of tech innovations urge to know about the whereabouts of Consumer Electronics Show

Then the very common definition of CES in layman terms is Consumer Electronics Show which has something to do with the best of electronics. Adding a more drill down on the something to everything about Consumer Electronics Show we happen to refer Wiki with more refined specifications about it to be a famous annual trade show duly organized by the Consumer Technology Association. This extra happening gizmo show amaze the world with phenomenon tech progress held in the month of January at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.

consumer electronics show photos

The more icing on the cake like thing comes straight from the consumer electronics show exhibitors core presentations of new innovative products and technologies in the consumer electronics industry

Consumer Electronics Show Breakout Trend

The main highlights:

This year 2018 the show was being held between the 9th and 12th of january. It showcased the superb of the infinite best of gadgetry and technologies in terms of top rated design and engineering.

The core innovative categories that made the show extra significant comprised of the breakthrough innovations in tech wearables, IoT devices, we almost knew about the term smart linked to Smartphones but witnessed smart cars, extra large screen TVS powered with the magic on engineering digital milestones.

We witnessed the digitization at its best in the form of an exemplary masterpiece innovation straight out of the brainchild of Tech geeks at Hong Kong based Tech Firm Maxus Tech.

This device, “WELLE“, does a bit of magic at instant as the end user can have the digital powers to convert any surface into a touch surface. All you have to do is to position the device on the table and do the magic like having a magic wand. The exceptional powers like you can control your bluetooth fingers just by dragging fingers on the table WoW!!! WELLE

You can be seated and control the on and off the Smart Tv all with your fingers on touch surface created by the device

Even a bit of control on home automation devices as you can change the colour of your smart light. The device  has the facility to easily sync with Smartphone app so that you can gesture control the rest of your wish to do lists via touch, tap, swipe.

The technology Inside:

Cleverly leveraging the digital power of Sonar Technology, this device can be labeled to be the consumer electronics show best emerging technology.

How do you like this stuff ?

This question must be asked at this time because the tech gadgets are the dearest of the things duly carried on by millenials; occupied most of the time with Smartphone, Skull headphone,Google home,Wireless Fitness Wrist Band and Activity Monitor etc

Do give your opinion as comments, to what you find the best attractive at the ces las vegas 2018







How About Having A WordPress Site For Online Branding: WordPress Website Checklist

The world population is on the threshold of the 7.6 billion mark and the scenario past dotcom era from the year 2000 onwards is rapidly evolving. Recently Google celebrated its Birthday of 19th as an invaluable gift to the millennial generation who were welcomed in the world with the best of Google assistance as a big great Search Engine of all time.

In order to have your product reach to this bracket of generation who are highly engaged on Smartphone, Tablet and PDA(Personal Digital Assistant), you have to be super active on Social Commerce. Social media too is evolving on a great pace with the best of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook innovations focussed on customer reach and product awareness via Social Media Optimizations.

Wordpress Website Creation

WordPress Website on PDA

Newer Platforms comes with newest job creations of social media executives looking into all the tidbits of Social media customer base.

Develop your very own wordpress website for your product internet marketing

We can opt for various web technologies like, Java, Php,AngularJS for website creation but for long term website benefits start a wordpress website for online business initiatives. The real benefits comes from a wordpress website creation when you can do a lot of research and development on your own without having any coding background. The intuitive and interactive plugins comes as a valuable help in streamlining your website. You can design  the look and the feel of the website homepage by features and functionalities of the plugins.

Now, the basic question of the website owners revolves on as serious problem on how to optimize your website for mobile. The plugins AMP can optimize your website for a flawless mobile viewing.

You do not have to worry about the security of the website as you can integrate the wordfence, and keep a track of the newsletter RSS feed subscriptions via Mailchimp .  

The content is the King so the website owner can help the website content rise to the top by the touch of the product knowledge he have, in fact the website is the brainchild of the owner.On the other hand wordpress is SEO friendly itself, all you have to do is place the keyword in the title and the body of the Post or you can again make use of the Yoast Plugin

The Content is suppose to be well researched so you can sneak peak into the competitors search engine rankings via Spyfu.

With tools like,, and wordtracker  you can organise your content in a better way for initial Six months of website on live. Most importantly you have to have a domain name for vital role of Product online branding. You can either keep your primary keyword as your domain name it should be compact and easily rememberable or your can place your company name as your to be domain name.

Key Takeaways

  • Prior to having a wordpress website of your own, have a hands on experience on wordpress site, create your own free account on WordPress online
  • Do a vigorous R&D experimentations with your content for at least six months to have some effects on the organic ranking on Google and check stats yourself.

Get in touch with us in case you feel helpless on your own but keep in mind a man learns from his mistakes and practice makes a man perfect. We are always available for the A to Z of help as a basic consultation on everything related from the web to the social media.





Make Your Morning Perfect For New Year Week Ahead

Year 2018 has a lot to offer in terms of life, career and job all mixed up with aggressive advanced Tech Progress. So, you have to be prepared to face yet another 362 days in store with minute to major professional challenges; by making amendments in your lifestyle. Make Your Morning Perfect For New Year Week Ahead

New Year Click for the PowerpointSlide Inside

Merry Christmas: Christmas And New Year Greetings

Christmas and New Year Greetings to all the Invaluable Audiences as Unique Visitors

Merry Christmas

From For Petrygon Technologies

professional thank you


What Makes New Robot, “Sophia” Must Have Robot?

“”Do you like Steven Spielberg as the best director for best robot movies”?

Yes, we do like him because of the science fiction movies that he produces. One of the best robot movies, by Steven namely Artificial Intelligence gives a message about the advent of the Robotics race into the human world.

This movie came post the era of 2000 year as a futuristic imagination, through the eyes of the ace director, “Steven Spielberg” and we got to have sophisticated humanoid robot Sophia, materialized like dream come true, in the year 2017 end. In-fact Japan is world renowned developed country, best known for high- end, “robotic innovations”, with Asimo the humanoid robot capable of human intelligence.

We also have generation describing and marking the Internet progress such as 2G, 3G, 4G, & 5G Spectrum, so likewise, we can place Asimo in the earliest intelligent real robots, preceded by the latest and the recent one “Sophia”.

Robot Picture


What makes Asimo Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility making it at par with best robot dance? 

ASIMO has the ability to fully interact with humans recognizing sounds and faces, effectively detecting gestures of the moving objects, and human postures, in its surrounding environment

  • The robot is made more intelligent through sensor visual capabilities to follow or face a person in the form of two camera “eyes” located in its head that enable ASIMO to easily detect the movements of multiple objects; conveying visual information in its powerful electronic best robotics circuitry making him (Robotic gender) complete humanoid, in taking “human like steps” by determined distance and direction
  • You can talk and converse, even handshake ASIMO robot, with artificial reflex movements, as he speaks back to you with human gestures responding to its name; providing a verbal answer in different languages, while interpreting voice and sounds of a falling object or collision.
  • ASIMO can effectively recognize approximately 10 different faces and address them by name.
Robot Images

Humanoid Sophia

Best robot movies, gave us best robotics, with high-end robot technology in super robot

  • Humanoid Robot, Sophia has an embedded artificial intelligence, powered by visual data processing in sync with out-of-the-box phenomenon facial recognition.
  • What makes “Sophia” rare and unique is through the way she(Robotic gender ) imitates human gestures and facial expressions
  • Sophia is able to answer certain questions, so we can imagine futuristic customer care work force having Sophia as the lead of Robot employees to make simple conversations on predefined topics.

Now, we have a complete next generation of Humanoid Robots ready to face the future equipped with the best of Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, Big data and machine learning.

Can we able to drill further in tech innovations by connecting Bitcoin Digital Cryptocurrency access to these advanced humanoid Robots and what will happen to our Cyber Security vulnerable to Cyber-attacks like recent ones Petya & Wannacry ransomware.

Got to see A.I. once again to Rekindle Robot Race Uprising!