Video Chat Device By Facebook In The Offing

The social media giant revolutionised the way we share and like virtual images and videos on the cyberspace, is planning big to embed advanced AI(Artificial Intelligence) in Facebook:

Lets look in the technology that will be truly awesome for few valid reasons:

  • This new tech is Facebook hardware innovation
  • The old form of video chat feel of Microsoft Skype is transformed in the next generation of video chat by Facebook
  • Laptop would be significant in this video chat device
  • Video chat users on this Facebook device platform would feel virtually together in the same place although they are sitting at distant places.
  • The whole concept seems to be making users feel as if they are chatting to the distant person in their own home, they would literally virtually feel the presence of the distant person to be real near to them.
  • Of late we were virtually introduced to 360 degree videos on You tube platform but facebook is thinking ahead to innovate its very own 360 degree camera most probably in this new device.

Facebook experimented with image sharing, like, tag, poke features with complete new live video feature by Facebook that is gradually gaining popularity.

But Video chat device would be the icing on the cake with native Facebook social networking, messaging features and functionalities that might rock the world for almost next generation superb innovation.

Video Content Vs Text Content: Which is Optimum for Lead Generation?

Video content Vs Text content ? What do you like most and why Google is dependent on both to garner its search audience?

Video content is the informative content in the form of video which is now gaining more engagement and popularity owing to the wide scale viewership of both Youtube and Facebook.



Global Rank of Youtube is 3



Global Rank of Facebook is 2

Youtube is purely on Video based content whereas Facebook is experimenting both Video content and Text content, the global rank itself tells that the way Facebook pulls audience with its innovative text and video based content, we have a larger audience of people preferring text as well as video content.

Facebook is the live example for the B2B business house churning content mills to generate leads because audience wants content + information but wrapped in innovative presentation

The content efforts of almost all the midsize B2B business house is not always productive because they dont let the content team experiment with the content piece.

For example IT and ITES company would want tech writers to focus on product based content which might feel monotonous sometime but the writers are bound to write only product beauty irrespective of judging the tone of the content.

Here, you can compare the same with the facebook content like the facebook animated post microblogging of Twitter mostly by celebrities and the picturesque post of Instagram all of these make for greater piece of high engagement amazing read.

I would discuss more on an innovative platform like Yammer most of the enterprise and corporate sector are making use of to enliven the chat environment of the office.

Yammer is a freemium enterprise social networking service used for private communication within organizations. Access to a Yammer network is determined by a user’s Internet domain so that only individuals with approved email addresses may join their respective networks.

The organisations and the corporate sector can effectively add Yammer to their content department for curating content based on the collaborative efforts of their own office human resources.

Then they can connect their official website business content to the content of yammer to get more lead generation with minimum efforts.

Also who does not like photography the content managers can involve the photography enthusiast employees of the firm to churn lots of high quality videos and images for the website content some related to the products and some from the brainchild mix of the employees innovation.

I am 100% sure the business content of the website digital marketing will sure garner huge audience traffic to the site thus generating lead with internal resources of the company.

The taste of the Google audience is different now as they want more informative and amazing content which suit their brain imagination in minimum nanosec as they browse site after site increasing the bounce rate of the web page. Here I am considering all the age bracket audience of google search.

The Text content was seriously old with the very first invention of Print Media and The video content was equally old with the invention of Camera and TV also with radio, in fact they were oldish traditional marketing medium with focus on content.

The content idea is still working in the new era of past dotcom and Google search monopoly in the all new form of inventions like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and snapchat and many more. What do you think is the futuristic form of content would be in the coming days do put your invaluable opinion in the comment section, so that I can add that in this post.


Google Destination From 2000 Till Now: More Tech-Savvy Stuff Ahead

The automation of website moved on with the completion of almost 15 years of Google rein and authority. The simplified dotcom era of 2000 onwards has now molded into a refined more robust complex Google search engine laced with the power of artificial intelligence.

Now we have Rank Brain as the new search algorithm for Google on the way to killing the efforts of SEO.  The millennial feel the ease and the power of website in the mobile versions that shaped into various high-end mobile apps and gave a new version of openings into the world of android, iOS and windows based mobile apps.

The terminologies separating them vary into new operating software like android with KitKat Marshmallow and iPhone with iOS operating system.


A short brief about Google

Google as American huge tech incorporation more known as powerful search engine specialize in Internet-related services and products. The niche areas includes software, and hardware online advertising technologies, search and cloud computing.


Do you know what is android and how it has become so famous?

Android is a robust mobile operating system conceived and developed by Google, based on the technology of the Linux kernel designed and developed primarily for touchscreen based mobile devices. The electronic software embedded importance of mobile phones reflects in the form of android operating system as we can effectively manage the functioning of our Smartphones and even access Google play store to download the apps of our choice.

Interesting facts about Google Play Store

The universe of the Google Play store is home to some 2.8 million apps as of March 2017, after surpassing 1 million apps in July 2013. Google Play was originally officially launched and released in October 2008 under the brand name Android Market.

What are the latest versions of Android?

Android 4.4 KitKat is a complete new version of Google’s operating system (OS) for smartphones and tablets

On the other hand we have another more advanced Android “Marshmallow as the sixth major version of the Android operating system

 Is Android safe from viruses?

 In the case of smartphones, to date we have not seen malware that replicate itself like a PC virus can, and specifically on Android this does not exist, so technically there are no Android viruses. However, there are many other types of Android malware.

How about defying some virus attack on mobile

In case you are conniving watching some objectionable stuff on your smartphone and fear of getting the attack of virus on your phone then clean master can come to the respite.

Clean Master, the top rated Android optimization tool is helpful in junk cleaning and antivirus functions is almost free and comes preinstalled in most of the android phones  trusted by over 740 million users globally.


Google’s own Smartphone

Can you imagine Google powers so many brands of smartphone with its android operating system has now surprised the world with its own innovations name Nexus 5X Google phone

Google’s out-of-the-box innovative products

The miracle device Google Glass is an optical head-mounted display developed and designed in the shape of a pair of eyeglasses.  This is a more advanced gadget that enables the user to browse internet through eye glass as Google Glass display information in a smartphone-like hands-free format.

Soon in the near future we will witness the commercialized versions of Google self-driving car that will smoothens the car driving fun when u will sit relaxed in the back seat and car itself will drive you to your favored destination.


Do we need Artificial Intelligence to boost our websites? 

The word Artificial Intelligence holds in itself a mirror image of futuristic progress

Humans progressed rapidly in each century. This century is no different when we have Google glass and Google car inventions that rocked the world as of now. The thing that made both of these miracle machines work independently is,  “Artificial Intelligence” which hold the centerforce charisma behind these masterpiece craftmanship of humans. 

The dotcom era of year 2000 came as a surprise with 1 billion websites. 

Snapchat the newborn and the extravagant in social media!

Social media has always been the forerunner of digital Revolution with million and millennials opting for Snapchat, as there second best option for Image messaging. Snapchat is the gen-next of yahoo messenger that ruled the dotcom era in the past, as it is a complete newbie in the social networking block of virtual interaction. Snapchat is an innovative social media platform loved and tested by many to boast social networking activities. The best part of this Image messaging mobile app is the unique name it owns, so that even a common person with minute tech-savvy skills will understand that Snapchat is something that works for virtual chatting.

Image messaging


What is all the fuss about Snapchat as the most preferred in Image messaging?

  • The Snapchat virtual hobnob based software facilitates the user to chat via screen name on the intuitive and interactive User Interface.
  • Facebook is well integrated to multiply contacts of friends via phone number or user name search. 
  • The USP of this mobile app is the inbuilt functional facility that automatically deletes the uploaded images on its server, as soon as the recipient views it.
  • The swift functioning of this app makes it the most preferred in social networking apps.
  • This image deletion options kills the reluctant behavior of the person uploading private snaps for intimate hobnobbing.
  • Snapchat fits well in cyber security that stops bullying cases in which case often the snaps of the users have been morphed by unscrupulous people violating the cyber act.
  • This app offers a valid faster way of sending picture messages that boost the interest of the users most of the time. 

The online image branding comes from social media that leverage on popular social media platform for growing followers , fans contacts and business promotions. Snapchat fits the picture well as image feature in virtual content SEO holds the very first place in Google indexing. Like Facebook users, the surprising factor in the growth of the interest of users on Facebook, lies on infinite likes and tagging done on this platform. In a similar way Image captured via Snapchat are liked and shared on cyberspace through Snapchat comprehensive features. A good amount of work is pulled by user BuyRealSocialLike initiative that boost the popularity of the individual spending a large size of their time on Image sharing Snapchat app. There are two factors that determine the followers growth on Snapchat, one type of followers that adds the contacts coming from organic likes while other prefer followers boosted via buying Snapchat followers. 

Now a days common person too is infatuated by Images capturing passion as end-users dont mind taking other fake alternatives that multiply followers in minimum possible time. Buying Snapchat followers enhance the virtual presence, that uplift the social value of the person having manifold flowers.The thick demarcation line between the popularity of screen celebrities and the popularity of common people is minimized by the use of Snapchat Image messaging features to highlight popularity in additional ways. There are third party services that enlighten the overall Snapchat efforts of end-users by increasing the online presence through BuyRealSocialLike and accelerating Snapchat followers in a jiffy. Social exposure is the next big thing in social media as every second person is interested, to make snaps cool gorgeous and handsome to increase likes and accelerate followers in the contact list.

ASP.NET is the road to becoming a true high profile software folk is the fantastic platform that develops natural programmer qualities in a newbie coder.The more you code the more you sharpen your skills in programming ASP.NET.


  • ASP.NET is precomplied
  • This progranming framework works on Common Language Runtime
  • Common Language Runtime removes momory automatically 
  • ASP.NET have inbuilt Url optimization feature that expedites indexing in search engine

    So, its time to get set go and employ ASP.NET for all the programmimg extravaganza.