ASP.NET is the road to becoming a true high profile software folk is the fantastic platform that develops natural programmer qualities in a newbie coder.The more you code the more you sharpen your skills in programming ASP.NET.


  • ASP.NET is precomplied
  • This progranming framework works on Common Language Runtime
  • Common Language Runtime removes momory automatically 
  • ASP.NET have inbuilt Url optimization feature that expedites indexing in search engine

    So, its time to get set go and employ ASP.NET for all the programmimg extravaganza.

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 is equal to Office 365 plus Cortana plus IOT

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 announcements from Microsoft business house strengthens the determination of this Giant software corporation much hype foray into cloud CRM 365.  Everything on the cloud that will help sales person,sales rep or sales manager leverage on this intelligent sales automated software. Yes, you name it and have it on the Microsoft cloud with built in on purchase business apps for a combination of CRM and ERP that will simplify the entire sales procedure.

    crm 365

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    Whats all new in Microsoft Dynamics 365?

    It will have integration with Office 365 CRM


    The user will be able to sync all their task without leaving Outlook while performing any sales activity

    It will have Cortana Intelligence


    Cortana command driven functionality will ease the lead generation process as a whole.

    It will have IOT as an add on


    The IOT  is equipped with its own unique advantages that will connect all the things on the internet so the sales person will speed up the sales activities by recommending the products as per the choice of the customers.

    The trilogy amalgamation of embedded technologies in Microsoft Dynamics 365 will really streamline and expedite the sales and marketing strategies of the companies.Though we have to wait for the fall of 2016 to get face to face with this innovation by Microsoft that is expanding its cloud computing Microsoft CRM strategies on the forefront. Dynamic 365 limited

    Are you a Newbie in coding then get to learn Visual Studio 2015

    In this post you will learn about the basic  and the first baby steps for your very own interaction with ASP.NET framework.

    How can you get the software for ASP.NET?

    This is the very question that can strive the mind of a complete novice person who is just to begin with ASP.NET.So need not worry as we have the solutions.

    You can browse the ASP.NET official site…. and follow the step by step instructions given on the website to seamlessly install free version of latest Visual Studio 2015.

    Visual studio 2015 Programming

    Visual studio 2015 Programming

    Now you have the whole world of ASP.NET in the form of Visual Studio 2015 with you.

    But have patience as

    • Have fast consistent internet connectivity else you have to wait hours to get it installed in your PC.
    • Ok, once it is installed then you have to  learn all the basics of ASP.NET concept to try your hands on coding itself.For this you can visit one of the best site with the name

    The best part of Tutorialspoint is every thing is available in this, like you can use IDE for coding purpose.

     Some of the best site to visit

    and many more depending upon your abilities to research well online resources for ASP.NET Information.

    High-end ASP.NET is the best to shape your career in software development and draw handsome pay package in some big MNC. Get to know more about ASP.NET and its advantages here


    Microsoft LinkedIn get together begins now

    Microsoft has inked in the biggest tech acquisition of its time and invited Linked in to get aboard in its mission and vision to enhance its product user base. Sighting  to be a another significant conglomeration in its bandwagon of software treasure trove, Microsoft decision to acquire LinkedIn will reap the benefits of this high profile acquisition. And hefty investments in the form of monstrous data of million users connected in LinkedIn will materialize Microsoft future expansion of Cloud computing and HR management work process.


    Microsoft LinkedIn

    Who’s who of both these Giants Techie?

    Microsoft:- This is a software bigwig usually well known for its Window series of Operating System in PC.

    LinkedIn is professional networking company which is well known for searching professional link ups and associated with jobs.

    • The buying details says that Microsoft pumped in  $26.2 billion in this Acquisition fair deal.
    • The database of Linked in Users count to be some 433 million members globally.
    • There will be no change in the current CEO position of Linked In Jeff Weiner will remain the same in LinkedIn.
    • There will be no change in the business model of Linked In

    As compared to some master players in Computer cloud computing like Sales force and Amazon who own the sheer monopoly in cloud paradigm,Microsoft wants the same happen with its software products to get into the clouds. Microsoft LinkedIn acquisition seems to be a clever decision by Microsoft as earlier merge with Nokia has bitter experience but this fusion will profit the business of Microsoft in entirety.

    what are the benefits of Microsoft LinkedIn acquisition?

    • This merge will boast the user base of cloud based Office 365 and MS dynamics CRM Technologies of Microsoft
    • It will help Microsoft capitalize on new clients via huge professional database of LinkedIn
    • Microsoft will be benefited with abundant database of 433 million users connected with LinkedIn

    Let’s wait and watch upcoming new tech surprise from Microsoft after the new buzz word of Windows 10 updates. Microsoft Flag ship products Windows and ASP.NET will remain the same, get to know about ASP.NET web applications Click here

    How ASP.NET can transform you from cowboy coder to a serious seasoned programmer

    A gem from the software treasure house of Microsoft ASP.Net stands for Active Server Pages.NET wholly developed by Microsoft to generate web applications and web technologies. ASP.NET is the programming language that offers multiple advantages when web application is developed from scratch considering parameters like lesser amount of code involvement, safe and secured, better performance.

    Some of the advantages of ASP.NET are mentioned here:

    • A  novice will find ASP.NET as easy as employing C to program an application as you don’t have to put a lot of coding logic to come up with a large complex application having huge database.
    • It offers sufficient amount of windows authentication and authorization that keeps the web application highly secure of any SQL injection vulnerabilities.
    • A Just in time compilers  along with caching and early binding facilitates better performance on the go.
    • Its a truly server side technology that speed up the entire process of development with drag and drop server controls,WYSIWYG editing and automatic publishing.

    These are a few of the features of ASP.NET  along with numerous benefits that will upgrade your programming skills to the best backed with newer horizons. For more information on this you can click here.

    Technology Innovation in the realms of ASP.Net

    The world civilization progressed rapidly from the era of Stone age early men to the present age of suave sophisticated tech-savvy modern men.Now, gone are the days when we were dependent on earlier outdated resources to live life as monotonous and plain.We can associate those early days with yesteryear of our grand grand forefathers involved in world war 1,2 emergencies that declined the progress of civilization.Post the world war situation the world progressed a lot with everything from innovation,civilization,standard of living and many more.

    Technology played a vital role into shaping the present glory of modern lifestyle.Technology is well associated with computer progress from 1st generation language to the upcoming 5th generation language that will shape the future drastically.The all new programming gem in the form of high-end ASP.Net technology from software giant Microsoft  stores everything that accentuate the innovation in web applications via Asp.Net platform.Gen Next is employing their hard-work to learn,grow and progress with ASP.Net as a professional career.

    Asp.Net is the need of the hour to develop futuristic applications with following add-ons

    1. This is a complete intuitive programming technology that puts wings on cowboy coding enthusiasts to leverage on various inbuilt functionalities to bring live a dynamic working website.
    2. This technology progressed well from 2003 on wards with the release of version ASP.Net 1.0 without any drag and drop controls towards complete fresh Visual studio 2015 framework having fascinating controls and multiple features.
    3. Even a novice programmer will find abundant interest while moving into the ASP.NET framework while exploring feature rich inbuilt added functionalities.

    Whether it comes to a seasoned programmer or a newbie in this technology always enhance lovely programming experience that holds a promising professional career with plum job and handsome salary.To know more about this ASP.NET