Will Cyber security solutions improve with machine learning in the offing?

Did you ever experience any sort of machine learning in your tech enabled world of advanced minimum 3G supported Smartphone, high configuration laptop, Retina display tablets? Yes for a few days now we do experience some sort of assistance from machines in our day today activities thank to the endeavor by cyber security firms. Software developer community is doing a fantastic job in improving new launches of latest Mobile apps that offers a lot of new machine learning functionalities. Talking about Smartphone my personal experiences with built-in high end processor equipped cell phone thoroughly leverage on comprehensive mobile apps that seems to simplify our interaction with the virtual world.

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SwiftKey innovative mobile add on

Yes My first machine learning intellectual interaction happened with this Artificial intelligence backed Mobile app that simplifies the input ways by studying and learning the pattern of typed words so that next time you are about to input fresh words or previously used words it will instantly recommend pre-complied words. It really sounds good to have your typing speed enhanced especially when you are completely engaged in Whatspp platform of social interaction.

Speakit chrome users will love it

Recently I have installed a compete new Chrome extension plug available for free on Chrome App store, I was appalled to notice its feature rich advanced functionality and Text to Speech algorithm. Now I don’t have to read the web content monotonously all by my own because I have this intelligent web page content reader who reads out everything interesting for me.

The impact of machine learning on the global cyber security will bypass all the hacking practice that pose a serious concerns on the confidential data, information and personal password credentials. As the  e-commerce industry is the new business interest for many entrepreneurs who have started or planning to one machine enabled cyber security will enhance the virtual business a lot in the future.


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